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Should You Buy or Rent Your Next Apartment In Chicago? August 27, 2018

If you are moving into a new place, you may be considering whether you should buy or rent your next city apartment. There are positives and negatives to each method and it sometimes depends on how often you plan on moving, if you would like to build up some equity, and if you want the […]

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Tools You Should Have When You Are Moving August 10, 2018

There is a lot going on when you are getting ready to move. You have to make sure that the movers are there on time. You need to make sure everything is put in the right boxes. And there are always a […]

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Yard Sale

Have a Yard Sale Before You Move August 5, 2018

When it is time to move, you will probably look around your house or apartment and find that there are a lot of items that are just a pain. They are nice, but you no longer able to use them or you do […]

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Moving Trends in 2018 July 30, 2018

There are a lot of trends that pop up when it comes to moving. People may move into the city, they may want to move where it is warmer, or they may follow their jobs and go where the money is. here […]

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self storage

July 22, 2018

How to Choose a Storage Unit Facility in Chicago Sometimes there is just not enough room in your house or apartment to store all the stuff that you own. Or, you may be in the middle of a move and […]

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stressed customer

Moving Last Minute – Unexpected Moving Tips July 19, 2018

Moving can be a hassle. There are a million things to get done and it always seems like a big mountain to climb. When you need to move in two weeks or less, things get even harder and you will need […]

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home taxes illustration iStock 121277252 1

Moving and Taxes (in Chicago) July 15, 2018

Moving can be a big deal. You are getting a chance at a new job or just a new start somewhere, and it can be an exciting time to try out something new. But it can also be expensive. The good news is […]

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