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Meet the Team

Brian - Founder and President holding a box of count chocula

Brian Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jayne holding a picture of her cat

Sarah-Jayne Chief Operating Officer

Sam - Director of Administration spinning a basketball on 1 finger

Sam Chief Administrative Officer

Mercedes - Admin Assistant holding 3 potted plants

Mercedes Billing & Payroll Manager

Andy custom holding a gallon of milk and a bottle of Nesquik

Andy Admin Assistant

Kathy holding a can of la croix

Kathy Executive Assistant

Victor Recruiter and Training holding a book called Shamanic Reiki

Victor Recruiter and Training

George - Storage Manager pointing towards the sky

George Storage Manager

Alec Custom holding a New City Movers coffee mug

Alec Storage Supervisor

Kristie - Claims Manager posing with her hands in her pockets

Kristie Claims Manager

Theresa Moving Coordinator wearing a beach hat

Theresa Moving Coordinator

Clare - Sales Manager holding an egg and a bowl

Clare Sales Manager

Sean - Assistant Sales Manager posing as superman

Sean Assistant Sales Manager

Megan - Assistant Sales Manager holding a baby husky

Megan Assistant Sales Manager

Raul - Sales Assistant wearing a flashy jacket

Raul Sales Assistant

Lisa - Sales Assistant holding paint brushes

Lisa Sales Assistant

Bailey - Sales Assistant wearing a Christmas sweater and holding a jack rabbit

Bailey Sales Assistant

Judy - Sales Assistant holding sunglasses and a tiny donkey

Judy Confirmation Specialist

Michael - In Home Estimator typing on a tablet

Michael In-Home Estimator

Nick - In Home Estimator wearing new city movers jacket

Nick In-Home Estimator

Alison - Virtual Estimator holding a coffee mug

Alison Virtual Estimator

Sarah - Virtual Estimator pointing a pool stick

Sarah Virtual Estimator

Oscar - Senior Dispatcher posing with arms crossed

Oscar Senior Dispatcher

Jason - Dispatch Manager posing with double finger guns

Jason Regional Dispatch Manager

Jorge - Dispatch Assistant posing with his hands in his pockets

Jorge Dispatch Assistant

Fernando - Dispatcher giving a thumbs up

Fernando Dispatcher

Lalo - Dispatcher

Lalo Dispatcher