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Moving Company Protection & Insurance

Here at New City Moving, it’s as important to us as it is to you that all your possessions make it safely to your new home. We pride ourselves on our proven track record, but we acknowledge accidents sometimes happen. That’s why we offer our clients a choice of Chicago moving insurance plans.

Default moving protection is already included in your moving estimate, but in case you want a little extra protection that cannot be solved with more bubble wrap, we offer additional moving company insurance coverage!

New City Moving Coverage Options

#1 Default Coverage (Already included in your estimate).

Without purchasing additional coverage, you already have default movers protection insurance  as part of our standard relocation package. With our default coverage, any items lost or damaged during the move will be compensated for a value of $0.30 per pound per article. For example, if an item weighing 20 lbs. were lost or damaged, New City would owe you $6.00 to help pay for these damages. Just for a reference, most 43” HD TVs are about 20 lbs. (20 lbs x .30 cents = $6.00)

#2 Repair Program (Our most popular option)

If you seek additional coverage beyond the default insurance included as part of your move, our Repair Program covers any damage during the move and we will either repair or offer a cash settlement based on the depreciated value of the item provided to the customer (base on a 5-year depreciation scale). When selecting this coverage, you must select the value for your entire shipment, not individual items.

Cost - $50Coverage - $5,000
Cost - $100Coverage - $10,000
Cost - $150Coverage - $15,000
Cost - $200Coverage - $20,000
Cost - $250Coverage - $25,000
Cost - $300Coverage - $30,000
Cost - $350Coverage - $35,000
Cost - $400Coverage - $40,000
Cost - $450Coverage - $45,000
Cost - $500Coverage - $50,000

#3 Full Replacement Insurance (Provided by a third-party insurance company)

When you’re looking for maximum insurance coverage for your possessions, our third-party option is a great choice. This full-replacement Insurance plan is ideal for loads that contain high-value goods or for very complex moves. For full-replacement insurance coverage, please visit MovingInsurance.com online at Movinginsurance.com or call 888-893-8835.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Plan for You

Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, deciding how much insurance to purchase starts with understanding how valuable your possessions are to you. Some items have high monetary value while others are important solely for sentimental or emotional reasons. In either case, insurance can provide peace of mind. You may choose to insure your valuable items by selecting appropriate protection that fits within the budget you have set for your move. By working with us, you’ll gain the advice of skilled professionals who can discuss your concerns and help you choose the right plan to replace or repair valuables lost or damage during your move.

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If you would rather be safe than sorry and need help deciding which kind of movers protection insurance will best suit your moving needs, please contact our moving company and we will be happy to help you decide!