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5 Tips for Protecting Valuables During A Chicago Move

What exactly is a valuable? While we will describe below those valuables that have the type of monetary value to warrant certain procedures, for this article, we are going to define a valuable as any item that breaking or losing during a move is simply not an option. It could be a famous work of art or the first dollar bill that you made as a businessperson, no matter what it is, if it’s valuable to you, then it’s valuable to us.

We’ve covered particular instances of packing valuables, including how to pack art, valuable china and silverware, and for the truly brave, how to move a piano. But even those items have additional steps involved other than just simply packing and unpacking. Here is how you can ensure your valuables stay safe throughout the move.

5 Surefire Ways for Protecting Valuables

1. Take Inventory

We’ve discussed this step before when it comes to packing electronics, but applies to any and all of your valuables: before doing anything else, go through all of your belongings and make a list of all the items you consider valuable. Now, do make note of what items have personal value and what actually commands the dollars, which will often be smaller items like jewelry. Pick out a space in particular to store your valuables well before the move, be it a safe, a regular box, or wherever makes the most sense to you. Lastly, be sure to take a photo of all your valuables packed up before the move so that if anything goes missing, you have evidence for the insurance company to ensure you are reimbursed.

2. Decide What to Keep Separate

Value extends far beyond money and sentiment. For instance, your medication is a valuable that is integral to your health. Items like medicine that you’ll need access to, jewelry, and financial documents are the types of valuables that are often best when kept with you, ideally in stored your travel bag, for the move.

3. Fill Out the Forms

Most professional movers in Chicago and elsewhere will have you declare your valuables in advance of the move using a high-value inventory form. While different movers will have different criteria, a good rule of thumb is to mark any item whose monetary value exceeds $100 per pound.

4. Packing is Priceless

From getting the right-sized boxes for your valuables to making sure each one box and item is clearly labeled and stored away in a manner that will be easy to unpack, put some serious thought into how you pack your valuables and what can go in the truck, what you want to carry with you, and what you might want to store a friend’s or family member’s house. After all, if moving certain valuables is just too stressful for you, give them to someone you trust deeply beforehand. But if you’re bringing it with you, then make sure your valuables are packed perfectly.

5. Insure as Needed

As we’ve discussed above, valuables can take all forms and shapes and some items’ value is purely sentimental or emotional while others’ might actually warrant the purchase of insurance for the move. We are always happy to advise on this matter one-on-one, but from our experience, you can never be too careful so if you truly want peace of mind during the move, take that extra step and get insurance for the move. But by working with Chicago’s top professional movers, you can take a lot of the stress off your shoulders and let the pro’s do the heavy lifting while you keep your valuables safe.

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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