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The Ultimate Guide To Packing Part 1: The Big Picture

When it comes to packing for your move, be it moving to a new apartment, your first home, or a high-rise apartment, there are a variety of different approaches to take. Of course, when it comes to packing particular items, such as wine and wine glasses, silverware and plates, or electronics, we advise you read the linked articles to get more detailed info for each facet of the packing process. And in our next piece, we’ll dive into some of these areas while going into more detail of how to best pack for every type of move.

That said, today we’re going to take a look at the big picture of how to approach packing and discuss how New City Moving or other professional movers and packers in Chicago can seriously help the packing process.

The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Chicago Move

1. Make a Plan and Ask the Big Questions

One of the easiest ways to sabotage yourself during a move and forget or lose an item that you swore you packed is to just start packing without giving it any prior thought. Sure, you could argue that going from the back of your apartment to the front is a plan, but unfortunately we’re talking about a more involved and proactive process.

Are you moving by yourself, with a roommate, or a significant other and what does the other person or persons plan to pack? Do you intend to pack and move every item you own, or are you taking this move as an opportunity to invest in a Chicago storage solution and cut down on the clutter in your life? Do you have any valuable items like works of art or other types of valuables that require a certain degree of experience and know-how?

Look, we understand that sometimes moving can cause for some awkward situations, like if your lease is ending and you and your roommate haven’t decided if you’re moving together or apart. Or you and your significant other are splitting up and you need to parse out who is getting what. No one enjoys these moments. Unfortunately, by letting a possibly awkward interaction be the reason that you procrastinate getting your packing plan in order, you’ll have far less time to ensure everything is done right. So stop dragging those feet, confront your fears, and start making the hard decisions regarding packing your precious belongings because doing it last minute is almost a guarantee that you will lose something along the way.

2. Identify Challenges

As we mentioned above, one question you should ask yourself is whether you own anything that will require either research on your part into how to properly pack an entertainment system or a vintage mirror. Or, if you live in a high-rise apartment or in a home that is difficult to get to, knowing how to pack your items so as to keep them safe over any dangerous terrain is a must. Again, procrastination is your worst enemy in this department. Let’s be honest: the chances of packing that painting you inherited correctly the morning of the move are extremely slim. Do your homework and if the situation calls for it, well, that brings us to our third and final tip.

3. Know When to Pick the Right Professionals

To some people, while paying for professional movers who have their own truck and years of experience carrying valuable and heavy items is a necessary expense, hiring professional packers can seem a bit silly. After all, packing is just a matter of buying some boxes and other packing materials and making sure nothing gets damaged, right?

Wrong. In addition to helping you pack hard-to-move items like pianos, if you have a lot of things that you will be moving and not much time in which to pack them, hiring professionals can be a huge help. For example, if you collect vinyl records, books, or other collectibles, packing all of those valuable items in a safe manner can take upwards of a whole day without having even gotten through one room yet.

At New City Moving and other moving companies in the Chicago area, you can choose from a variety of packages that range from full-service packing in which we will manage the entirety of your packing needs to customized packing in which you work one-on-one with a packing specialist who can assist in helping to pack specific items and help where needed. Finally, even if you are fine with handling the packing all by yourself, our self-packing service includes our professionals blanket-wrapping all of your items while bringing along all the packing tape and bubble wrap that you need in case you run out or have a last-minute packing emergency.

Moving is incredibly stressful, we would never argue that. But there are many ways to make your life easier and we’re more than eager to help take your mind off the little things so you can focus on the big picture.

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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