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What To Do After Moving Into Your New Place

Moving is often bittersweet. The transition to a new home or a new city can be exciting and stressful. Fortunately, our professional New City Moving team has mastered the art of helping individuals and families move, whether they’re headed across town or across the country.

A lot of planning goes into a successful move, but much of that planning involves preparation prior to the move, as well as the move itself. The important steps that need to be taken after moving into a new house are often overlooked. The following post-move tips should be done after moving into a new home, apartment or business location.

What to Do After You Move

Knowing what to do after moving can save you time and money. These are must-have tips from our moving experts.

Establish Utilities

You can’t do much in your new home without power and water. Setting up utilities before you arrive is ideal, but it’s not always an option for everyone. Contact your power and water providers first, then move on to less essential items such as internet, cable, phone and other services.

Get Organized

The next step is to create a to-do list. This should help you prioritize which post-move actions are most important. You may need to establish your home office first so you can get back to work immediately, or you might want to stock the refrigerator first to make school lunches.

Every family’s to-do list will be specific to their needs. Be sure to check off items as you complete them, so you have visible evidence of your progress.

Inspect Your New Home

There’s no better time to inspect a home than when it’s empty. Carefully examine every room of your new home or apartment for water leaks, mold, electrical issues and any other damage. Resolve these issues before you get settled.

Inspecting your new home also means knowing where the electrical panel and shutoff valves are located. This could save your home from major damage if there’s a leak or an electrical issue.

Deep Clean Your New Home

This is a step in the moving process nobody wants to take, but it can be extremely beneficial for your home and your family. The home you’re moving into probably hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in days, weeks or even months. Deep cleaning the home when it’s empty ensures your family is moving into a safer, healthier environment.

The stress of moving can be overwhelming, so hiring a professional cleaning company before you arrive is recommended. Speak with your realtor or landlord to arrange a cleaning, so the home is ready for your arrival.

Unpack the Essentials

Unpacking is a task that’s difficult to complete in a day or even a week. Start by unpacking any essential boxes. Then, move onto unboxing the items you use most, such as bedding, clothing, bathroom supplies and more. The kitchen may feel like a major priority, but it can likely wait a couple days if necessary.

Consider Where You’ll Put Everything

A major step in the moving process is to think about where you’re going to put your items in your new home, but this is often overlooked. The stress of a move can cause you to start unpacking and placing furniture everywhere. However, that initial placement may not be the most ideal location for your items, and you could be adding more work for yourself in the future.

Take the time to consider how you want to set up your living room, office, bedrooms and kitchen before you start unpacking boxes and moving large items. This could improve your home’s functionality and your happiness.

Change Your Address

Change your address with the United States Post Office as well as with your bank, utility companies, employer and more. Many utility companies and subscription services allow you to make changes online. Create a checklist for the companies you need to contact and check them off as you go. Keep in mind you may need to update your driver’s license, vehicle registration and more if you’ve moved out of state.

Responsibly Dispose of Moving Supplies

Your moving boxes are finally empty, and it’s time to recycle them correctly. Contact your local waste management company about the proper way to recycle moving boxes at your new location. Store moving boxes you plan to recycle in a dry place until recycling day, as boxes damaged by rain or other liquids usually can’t be recycled.

Hire Moving Experts

Moving and stress have always been intertwined, but they don’t have to be. Our professional movers at New City Moving can help you with every step of the moving process, including unloading and unpacking items, large and small. Our mission is to make your move as efficient as possible, so you can start enjoying your new home and surroundings.

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