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Where To Recycle Boxes After Moving

Moving creates a lot of waste. It requires the use of boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and more. The exhaustion you feel after moving and unpacking may make you want to toss those boxes in the trash and take a nap. However, that’s not the best choice for you, the environment and other families who could put those boxes to good use.

One way to reduce this waste when relocating is to repurpose or recycle moving boxes once your transition is complete. Here, we’ve outlined some ways you can reuse moving boxes and where you can recycle them if reusing is not an option.

Benefits of Recycling Moving Boxes

Roughly 100 billion corrugated cardboard boxes are used in the United States every year. Recycling cardboard boxes benefits the environment and society. That’s because recycling used cardboard to create new cardboard uses only 75% of the energy needed to create cardboard from scratch.

The process of recycling cardboard also creates half of the sulfur dioxide created when making cardboard from raw materials. Recycling saves environmental resources and reduces the amount of harmful by-products that are pumped into the air.

How to Recycle Moving Boxes

Recycling boxes isn’t always as simple as tossing them in the recycling bin. The following are a few steps you should take to ensure your boxes are recycled properly.

  • Keep boxes dry: You probably want to get all the boxes out of your home as quickly as possible after the move. However, letting those boxes get wet means they can’t be recycled. Move them into a dry place that’s out of sight, such as a garage or shed, until recycling day.
  • Disassemble boxes: All boxes should be broken down, so they can be laid flat before recycling day. Cut any parts of the box away that have been damaged by liquids, including water. Removing tape or stickers from boxes can help speed along the recycling process, but it is not required if you’re short on time.
  • Check local waste management guidelines: Most waste management companies will have their recycling guidelines listed online or in a pamphlet. Contact your local waste management company if you’re unclear about how or where to recycle moving boxes. Some companies will not pick up boxes that are left outside or next to the recycling bin. You may need to recycle them in batches.

Put Your Boxes Back to Use 

One of the best ways to ensure the boxes are recycled properly is to reuse them yourself. This process results in zero energy waste, and no harmful by-products, such as sulfur dioxide, are released into the air. The following are several unique ways to reuse your cardboard moving boxes.

  • Protect your floors: Moving into a new home may mean you’ll be performing some home improvement or maintenance tasks. Cardboard boxes that are dismantled and cut into flat sections can be used to protect your floors from paint spills and more.
  • Use them for storage: Your moving boxes can easily be turned into storage bins for the garage, attic, shed and other areas. Cover them with fabric to create more decorative storage bins for other areas of the home.
  • Use them for play time: Kids can get extremely creative with cardboard boxes, and you’ll probably be amazed at how your children put them to use. They can be used to create crafts, forts, dollhouses and much more.
  • Save them for gift-giving: Boxes almost always come in handy for birthdays and holidays. Save them in a dry storage area for gift-giving in the future.
  • Create pet habitats: Cats love cardboard boxes for playing and sleeping. Boxes can also make safe, comfortable beds for other pets, such as hamsters and guinea pigs.
  • Use them in the garden: Cardboard boxes can serve multiple purposes in the garden. Clean boxes that haven’t come in contact with non-edible substances can be dismantled and added to your compost pile. This is an excellent use for any boxes that were left in the rain and can’t be recycled by a waste management company.
  • Help with another move: You may know you’ll be moving again in the near future, and these boxes can be used for the next transition. Someone you know may also be planning an upcoming move. Get rid of boxes after moving by gifting them to another family. This can save that family money and the time spent searching.

Recycling your moving boxes can be beneficial for everyone, including your family, friends and the environment. However, recycling these boxes properly is essential to ensuring they do not create more waste and harmful by-products. Reusing boxes is the best way to ensure they’re not wasted, but recycling them according to local waste management guidelines is another helpful option.

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