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‘Twas The Night Before Moving

In the holiday spirit, we at New City Moving, wanted to share this with you as we get excited this weekend!


‘Twas the night before the big move, and all through the house
Everything was packed away, even the couch.
The stockings were emptied from all of their drawers,
packed into boxes labeled “Footwear and Clothes.”

The bed frames were bundled and stacked by door,
the children slept soundly, mattresses on the floor.
And mom with her kindle, and cat on my lap
had just settled down, nothing left to pack.

The next morning we arose, so rested and well
to hear New City Moving ringing our bell.
The foreman was jolly, his crew a delight!
They moved through the house with precision and might!

Our move went so well, no struggle nor strife
The kids were so happy and even the wife!
We’ll tell all our neighbors, family and friends
New City perfected our move start to end.


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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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