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Tips for Staying Safe When Moving in Spring

If you happen to be moving around Memorial Day or in June, you might not have to worry about a sudden snowstorm or ice like those who move in winter. But moving in late spring brings its own set of issues from dehydration to Memorial Day traffic and much else.

Below we’ve identified some of the most common incidents that can happen when moving in spring right before summer starts and how to avoid them.

Beating the Heat While Moving in Spring

1. Plan for Rain…or Heat…or Mud

While late spring might not have snow, it does have rain and plenty of it. And as we can say from experience, moving during a rainstorm is never fun as you have to take extra care to keep your electronics from getting wet and need to make sure you don’t hydroplane while driving.

And with rain comes plenty of mud. While moving in Chicago might not bring with it too much mud, if you’re moving in the suburbs or an area with plenty of land, make sure you’ve put plenty of fresh rocks down on your driveway if it is unpaved or else you’re likely to get stuck in the mud. Also, if you’re moving from or into a residence with hardwood floors, make sure you have towels or old sheets or fabric that you can put down to keep from dragging mud inside. However, make sure these are taped down for safety. We don’t want anyone tripping over them during the move. If it’s a clear day, then you should have a pleasant move!

You’ve likely thought to do this already, but keep checking the weather up until the day of your move. That way you can make the proper preparations if any of the above scenarios occur.

2. Get Hydrated and Stay Hydrated

As spring moves into summer, we start seeing a lot more of the sun, which is great unless you find yourself moving in the middle of a day when the thermometer hits triple digits. During any move, you always want to have water bottles on hand, but on days where it is unseasonably hot you should be extra diligent to keep yourself and others from getting dehydrated. While your professional movers will likely have plenty of water of their own, consider getting enough bottled water for everyone to ensure everyone stay properly hydrated throughout the course of the move. Stay cool by handing out moist towels to everyone helping out with the move and have shaded areas where your movers can chill out. You can never have too many tips on moving in Spring or early summer!

Also, it never hurts to get popsicles. Just saying.

3. Map Out Emergency Rest Stops

Even though our moving tracks have crispy cool AC to keep you nice and chill during the drive, that doesn’t mean you or someone else might suddenly need to get out of the car or get inside an air conditioned-building. Coordinate with your moving company before the move to map out your driving route, especially if you’re traveling to another side of the city.

Additionally, traffic this time of year, especially on weekends, is crazy. Like bumper-to-bumper crazy. When you’re figuring out emergency pitstops, trace alternate routes in case certain streets get jammed by Memorial Day or beach traffic.

By having moist towels and water on hand at all times, preparing in advance for inclement weather, and plotting out emergency rest spots in case you or someone else gets overheated, you can make moving in spring a breeze!

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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