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New City Moving’s Guide to Moving Stress-Free During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for moving! New City Moving could not be more excited for the holiday season and our staff is looking forward to bringing all the cheer we can into your new homes with our sterling customer service. While we may not be there to help string the lights and decorate the tree, we do have some excellent guidelines to help you beat the stress of adding a move onto the holiday mix while waiting for old Saint Nick. Check it out!

  • Plan Ahead: This is a golden rule for moves all year round but is especially helpful when the season’s fun becomes a snow globe whirlwind. Have a tight window for elevator reservations? No problem, just let your moving coordinator know and we can schedule accordingly. Does your new building require a certificate of insurance? Just reach out to our office and we will get it processed and have it sent to management ahead of time. We’re here to help so if you make a list, we’ll check it twice.
  • Hire Us to Do the Packing: Let’s be honest, you have enough wrapping to do already. Why not send in one of our professional crews for an easy and careful pack? Everything from fine china to flat screen TVs can be wrapped in a snap. Need it done the day before the big move? Let’s get you on the schedule for a prior day pack. If it’s just your kitchen that could use a helping hand, we’d be happy to do a partial pack on the same day.
  • And The Unpacking: In a hurry to have your belongings unpacked and everything put into its proper place? We provide unpacking services with the same level of care and attention as our packing. No packing job is complete without us disposing off all the remaining paper, boxes, bubble wrap, and blankets. Inquire with your moving coordinator and we’d be happy to include the service in a quote just for you.
  • Add Carpet and Hardwood Floor Protection: The weather outside is frightful, but your brand new hardwood floors are so delightful. New City Moving offers the perfect solution to keeping your floors clean and scratch-free as we move your items from the truck into your home. Shiny hardwood floors are protected by craft paper and your carpeting is kept colorful and plush with a layer of adhesive that doesn’t leave it sticky. That way, the snow stays on the other side of the glass and your floors stay bright!
  • Get in the Spirit: Sometimes, moving can be so stressful that it’s all too easy to forget we live in one of the greatest cities in the world. Add a little snow, and you’ve got holiday magic. Plus, you’ve hired the best movers in Chicago, with detail-oriented sales reps who have your back and a crew lined to deliver customer service that will make your heart grow three sizes! So, give yourself a break and enjoy the season! Catch the holiday train, visit the Christkindl Market, and have a cup of hot chocolate at Mindy’s. Most importantly, share it with family and friends.

Happy holidays, Chicago! Thank you for making us your favorite mover!

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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