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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Into Logan Square

Brought to you by Chicago’s Best Logan Square Movers

A true neighborhood in every sense, Logan Square is a special place for community living. When you’re moving to Logan Square, you’ll find small-scale streets lined with re-purposed historic homes, and you’ll be able to walk or bike to just about anything you need. Logan Square is known for being all about “local.” Its restaurants, bars, cafes, and gardens celebrate unique contributions from all its residents, so the neighborhood is a welcome spot for outside visitors too.

Logan Square residents number around 178,000, with an equal balance of genders. The average age is around 31, and the community’s home to a sizable number of families with children. Residents’ education and income levels make up a pretty even spread. In Logan Square, people of diverse interests, skills, and life stages come together to make a colorful, cohesive whole.

After the Chicago Fire of 1871, Logan Square grew to house a wave of immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia. Other cultural groups moved in as time went on. The neighborhood continued to thrive until the mid-20th century, when road re-configurations made it tough to access. In 1961, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association was founded to encourage locals to revive the area themselves. The Association is still active today.

Now you’ve got the gist, here are some highlights—and basics—we found to help you start your Logan Square life.

Things to Do in Logan Square

Best Restaurants in Logan Square

  • Pizza: Reno. Cash only.
    2607 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 697-4234
  • Ramen: Furious Spoon. Look out for their noodle classes.
    2410 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 770-3559
  • Mexican: De Noche (for dinner). Breakfast and lunch at Cafe Con Leche next door.
    2710 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 289-4274
  • Sandwiches: Same Day Cafe. Short menu has something for everyone.
    2651 N Kedzie Ave. | (773) 342-7040
  • Seafood: Sink|Swim. Stunning space, oyster happy hours.
    3213 W Armitage Ave. | (773) 486-7465
  • Farm to Table: Lula Cafe. One of the classics. Closed Tuesdays.
    809 W Randolph St. | (773) 489-9554
  • Reservations Only: Giant. Simple food at its absolute best.
    3209 W Armitage Ave. | (773) 252-0997

Best Bars in Logan Square

  • Cocktails: Scofflaw. Famous.
    3201 W Armitage Ave. | (773) 252-9700
  • Beer: Logan Square is full of local brews. A couple places to start:
    Revolution Brewery
    2323 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 227-2739
    Hopewell Brewery
    2760 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 698-6178
  • Wine: Webster’s Wine Bar. Those beers were local, these wines are global.
    2601 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 292-9463
  • “Dive”: Best Intentions. Deceptively low-key. Serves food.
    3281 W Armitage Ave. | (312) 818-1254
  • Dive: Cole’s Bar. Stand-up, open mics, live music and art lessons.
    2338 N Milwaukee Ave. | (773) 276-5802
  • Tiki: Lost Lake. Tropical spot for the depths of winter.
    3154 W Diversey Ave. | (773) 293-6048

Grocery Stores in Logan Square

Coffee Shops in Logan Square

Gyms in Logan Square

Pet Parks in Logan Square

  • Logan Square Dog Park: Features local art.
    2529 W Logan Blvd. | Daily 6am-11pm
  • Palmer Square: Pet friendly.
    2200 N. Kedzie Ave.| Daily 6am-11pm

Logan Square Local Post Office and Delivery

  • US Post Office
    2901 W Armitage Ave. | 24/7
  • US Post Office
    2339 N California Ave. | M-F 8:30am-7pm, Sat. 9am-3pm
  • UPS Store
    2020 N California Ave #7 | M-F 9am-7pm, Sat. 9am-5pm

Dry Cleaners in Logan Square

  • Ruby’s Cleaners
    3145 W Logan Blvd. | M-F 7am-7pm, Sat. 8am-6pm
  • Smart Cleaners
    2311 N Milwaukee Ave. | M-F 7am-6:30pm, Sat. 8am-5pm
  • New Kedzie Cleaners
    3138 W Armitage Ave. | M-F 7am-7pm, Sat. 8am-6pm

Parking in Logan Square

This has been a tiny sampling of the great things you’ll experience at your new Logan Square home. As a seasoned Logan Square moving company, we’ve learned all about the staples and cool places in the area. We’re happy to share more!

As you’re planning your big move, cross one major thing off your to-do list, and book Logan Square movers who’ll a take load of stress off your mind. Call us at New City Moving, and we’ll help you move safely, smoothly, and on-schedule, so you can settle right in and start living your greatest Logan Square life.

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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