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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Into Andersonville

Brought to you by Chicago’s Best Andersonville Movers

There’s only one thing you’ll have a hard time finding in Andersonville–a big chain store. Located on the north edge of Chicago, close to the lake, Andersonville is home to all kinds of personalities and lifestyles. It’s also home to restaurants, amenities, and performance spaces unlike anything else in the city, plus specialty shops for every interest. As your reliable Andersonville movers, we’ll help you settle in your historic brownstone apartment while you get to know your eclectic neighbors. It won’t be long before you become a unique part of the community yourself.

About 67,000 people live in Andersonville, and they earn around $67k a year on average. There are a few more men than women, and about a sixth of the neighborhood households have kids. Most Andersonvillites, average age of 35, also have bachelor’s degrees.

Andersonville was originally settled by Swedish immigrants in the 19th century, when it was officially outside the Chicago city limits. After the Chicago fire of 1871, more Swedes moved up to the neighborhood to build new homes and join their compatriots. Andersonville flourished as a Swedish community until the mid-20th century, when residents began to move out to the suburbs. After it was rededicated by Chicago in 1964, an influx of new groups started making Andersonville what it is today.

Now you’ve got the gist, here are some highlights—and basics—we found to help you start your Andersonville life.

Things to Do in Andersonville

Best Restaurants in Andersonville

  • Pizza: Antica Pizzeria. Authentic. Delivers.
    5663 N Clark St. | (773) 944-1492
  • Middle Eastern: Taste of Lebanon. Cash only, but you won’t need much cash.
    1509 W Foster Ave. | (773) 334-1600
  • Swedish: Svea Restaurant. Diner, great for late weekend mornings.
    5236 N Clark St. | (773) 275-7738
  • Ethiopian: Lalibela. Trimmed-down menu. BYOB.
    5633 N Ashland Ave. | (773) 944-0585
  • Southern USA: Big Jones. Hosts events.
    5347 N Clark St. | (773) 275-5725
  • Sandwiches: Jerry’s Sandwiches. 100+ options and full drink menu, too.
    5419 N Clark St. | (773) 796-3777
  • Brunch: M Henry. Be ready to wait. BYOB.
    5707 N Clark St. | (773) 561-1600
  • Night Out: Jin Ju. Contemporary Korean with intimate ambiance.
    5203 N Clark St.| (773) 334-6377

Best Bars in Andersonville

  • Beer: Hopleaf. Frites, mussels, and events. Adults only.
    5148 N Clark St. | (773) 334-9851
  • Irish: Lady Gregory’s. Full menu, family friendly.
    5260 N Clark St. | 773-271-5050
  • Everything: Little Bad Wolf. Famous for burgers and other things. Serves food late.
    1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave. | (773) 942-6399
  • Games: Replay Andersonville. Classic arcade games, plus sports watching. Kids welcome in daytime.
    5358 N Clark St. | (773) 654-1369
  • Classic: Simon’s Tavern. 80 years and counting. Serves glogg.
    5210 N Clark St. | (773) 878-0894
  • Local: Farragut’s. Cash only.
    5240 N Clark St. | (773) 728-4903

Grocery Stores in Andersonville

Coffee Shops in Andersonville

Gyms in Andersonville

Andersonville Local Post Office and Delivery

  • US Postal Service
    1723 W Devon Ave. | M-F 8am-6pm, Sat. 8:30am-3pm
  • US Post Office
    2339 N California Ave. | M-F 8:30am-7pm, Sat. 9am-3pm
  • UPS Store
    5315 N Clark St. | M-Th 8:30am-7pm, F 8:30am-6pm. Sat. 9:30am-4pm

Dry Cleaners in Andersonville

  • Stellar Cleaners
    5523 N Clark St. | M-F 7am-7pm, Sat. 9am-5pm
  • Smart Cleaners
    5337 N Clark St. | M-Th, Sat. 7am-7pm
  • Greener Cleaner
    5312 N Broadway St. | M-F 7am-7pm, Sat. 8am-6pm

Parking in Andersonville

  • Ward 48 resident parking information

This has been a tiny sampling of the great things you’ll experience at your new Andersonville home. As a seasoned Andersonville moving company, we’ve learned all about the staples and cool places in the area. We’re happy to share more!

As you’re planning your big move, cross one major thing off your to-do list, and book Andersonville movers who’ll a take load of stress off your mind. Call us at New City Moving, and we’ll help you move safely, smoothly, and on-schedule, so you can settle right in and start living your greatest Andersonville life.

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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