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Oak Park, IL: A Storied and Spectacular Suburb of Chicago

Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Oak Park, IL, is a storied and spectacular city that offers something for everyone. With its close proximity to the city and its easy access to public transportation, Oak Park is a known destination for people to move—many of whom have lived there for generations. Boasting a history of art, entertainment, culture, and unique architecture, Oak Park is a town that continues to amaze and delight. Learn more here.

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Oak Park’s roots began in the early 19th century when it was first settled by German immigrants and later by the Irish, who came to the area during the Great Famine. These European immigrants were widowed single mothers, who built small farms and businesses by the mid-1800s, thus establishing Oak Park, IL, as one of the oldest communities in the entire Chicago metropolitan area. Oak Park had its moment to shine during the early 20th century when artists, intellectuals, and creative professionals began moving into the area. This is when Oak Park, IL, extended its reach and began to become a part of the cultural and historic fabric of the greater Chicago region. This was due in large part to the influence of prominent Chicago architect and Oak Park resident Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed over 20 architectural masterpieces throughout the city. His influence was so great that many of the residential districts of Oak Park have classic, Victorian, and Art Deco-inspired architecture, all of which can still be seen today. Learn more about Rosemont, IL – A Dynamic Community in Chicagoland.