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Metropolitan Brewing: Craft Beer Excellence in the Heart of Chicago


Metropolitan Brewing, nestled in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, has established itself as a prominent figure in the craft beer scene. With a commitment to quality, traditional brewing methods, and a focus on German-style lagers, Metropolitan Brewing has garnered a loyal following of beer enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the history, offerings, and success of this remarkable brewery. Learn more here.


Founded in 2008 by Doug Hurst and Tracy Hurst, Metropolitan Brewing was born out of a shared passion for German-style lagers and a desire to revive and promote this brewing tradition. The brewery quickly gained recognition for its dedication to authenticity and adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, the German beer purity law. Learn more about The Learning Experience – Bucktown: Nurturing Early Childhood Education in Chicago.

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Brewing Excellence:

Metropolitan Brewing’s commitment to brewing excellence is evident in every batch they produce. Their meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on quality ingredients set them apart. From selecting the finest malts and hops to utilizing traditional brewing techniques, each beer is crafted with precision and passion.

Signature Beers:

Metropolitan Brewing boasts an impressive lineup of signature beers that showcase the versatility and complexity of German-style lagers. Their flagship beer, Krankshaft Kölsch, is a crisp and refreshing ale with subtle fruitiness and a clean finish. Flywheel Pilsner, a classic German pilsner, delights with its balanced bitterness and bready malt character. Other notable offerings include Dynamo Copper Lager, a rich and malty Vienna-style lager, and Afterburner, a smoked lager with hints of campfire and bacon.

Local Impact and Expansion:

Metropolitan Brewing takes pride in its connection to the local community and actively supports various charitable organizations. Additionally, the brewery has expanded its reach by establishing partnerships with local restaurants and retailers, ensuring their exceptional beers are accessible to a wider audience.

Visiting the Brewery:

Beer enthusiasts and curious visitors alike can experience the brewing magic firsthand by visiting Metropolitan Brewing’s taproom in Chicago. The taproom offers a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, where patrons can enjoy a wide range of beers on tap and learn about the brewing process from the knowledgeable staff.


Metropolitan Brewing stands as a shining example of craft beer excellence in the heart of Chicago. With their unwavering commitment to traditional brewing methods and dedication to producing exceptional German-style lagers, they have made a lasting impact on the local beer scene. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer to the world of craft beer, a visit to Metropolitan Brewing promises a delightful and educational experience.