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Milwaukee Packing Services

You’ve scheduled your big move, and you’ve made the arrangements for transportation. The good news is all that’s left is to pack. The bad news is you have to pack!

At New City Moving, we understand and empathize with the struggles of packing all your belongings for a big transition or relocation. And once you’re done moving, you’re already dreading the effort of having to unpack and organize everything. With our packing services available within and around Milwaukee, we hope to ease the stress and dread and create the smoothest moving experience possible.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Our dedication to our customers means we’re aware there are varying levels of assistance and aid requested by individuals. With three levels of packing support, you’re in control of who helps you handle your belongings and for how long. We also won’t stop working once we park the truck at your new place. We will unload your possessions into your new residence, and we’ll also offer our support in unboxing and unwrapping things. The best part — we’ll do it right away, so you don’t have to stare at untouched boxes for weeks or months.

Find the packing and unpacking service that best fits your budget and your needs!

Full-Service Packing

With New City Moving’s full-service package, your hands are totally free as we coordinate the process for you. Everything you need to transport your belongings — packing tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, blankets — are provided by our professional movers and prepared in advance. As your items are loaded into our moving truck, we will ensure all of your furniture is carefully wrapped in moving blankets, so it arrives safely and without damage.

The fun doesn’t stop there with our full-service unpacking. Take a breather as we unload and position your boxes and furniture in the specific rooms per your request. We’ll take care of the unboxing process and relocate your furniture. Additionally, we’ll collect your used and unused cardboard, packing tape and bubble wrap and take it with us, leaving your house as clean as can be and leaving you with no mess.

Partial Packing

Our partial packing and unpacking service is an extremely customizable process. You will coordinate with your assigned professional mover to decide how much help you prefer and the areas in which they’ll assist. Furniture and fragile items will be blanket-wrapped — you decide which things you want control of. Upon arrival, the heavy lifting will still be left to our team, and your furniture will be situated in the spaces you desire. Your boxed items will typically remain boxed for you to unpack, though we will place them in the rooms you want.

Self Packing

This third option for packing services in Milwaukee is for the those who only need assistance with moving items on and off the truck. You take the lead in wrapping and boxing your items for transportation — if you need more supplies, our crew will have some on-hand on the day of the move. Once you get to your new residence, our movers will shift everything off the truck into the specific rooms in your house, and then we’ll leave you to the unpacking process.

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