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The idea of moving to a new apartment, house or office space can be incredibly exciting, but the actual process can be stressful and convoluted.

If you’re planning a move north to the diverse, outdoor-friendly community of Skokie, New City Moving can assist you with the trek. With our dedicated staff, friendly attitude and meticulous approach, we’ll transform a usually-dreaded experience into a positive highlight!

We Operate as a Trustworthy, Courteous Skokie Moving Company

Back in 2009, our founder decided that he had seen enough negative experiences. We soon got our start, and we looked to eliminate inaccurate estimates, broken possessions and inefficient timelines.

In that short amount of time, we’ve ascended to the top of the industry in Chicago, which says a lot for a metropolitan area of nearly 10 million people. We hold near-perfect ratings on reputable online review sites like Yelp and Google. Our approach not only breeds happiness but continuity as well — 56 percent of our business comes from returning customers.

We build the foundation of our services through the people we hire. Our employees will tackle your situation equipped with an attentive mentality and proper moving techniques. They undergo a rigorous training program that only two other companies in the state use. All of our movers also have at least three years of experience.

A foreman with at least five years of experience will oversee the team and ensure everything progresses smoothly.

All that said, we also understand that moving is just as much about planning as it is lifting heavy things. When you partner with us, you will receive a single point of contact, a move coordinator, who will help you as much as possible. They can provide tips, answer questions and even tell you what counts as a non-transportable item.

How Will We Handle Your Moving Day?

Our move-in process is straightforward yet detailed, as we aim to accomplish your move in a timely, efficient fashion.

We will arrive as closely as we can to the estimated time, and we’ll delve right into packing away your possessions and loading them into our trucks, which are clean and maintained to prepare for the move. We will blanket-wrap all of your furniture to keep it intact. If any accidents occur due to any of our actions, we will hold ourselves responsible.

When everything is ready to go, we’ll depart for your new residence. If you need to make multiple stops, all you need to do is ask. Our drivers are familiar with all of Chicagoland, so you can expect that we will take the most efficient routes.

Once we get there, the process will play itself out in reverse. We’ll carefully unload and unpack everything, and then you can focus your energy on making your new home the place you envisioned.

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