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Moving to or from Northbrook, IL, can be a great experience if you let it. But when your mind is tied up in worries about moving, it’s not so easy. That’s a great reason to contact New City Moving for your packing and moving services. New City Moving is the moving and storage company that always has the customer in mind first.

Customer-Focused Movers

If you’ve used professional movers before, forget everything you think you know. Our moving services in Northbrook, IL, and throughout Chicago are a little different. Our goal is to do more than just safely get all your items from Point A to Point B in a timely fashion, although we are great at that! Our goal is to take as much of the stress of moving off of your plate as possible.

How New City Moving Can Give You a Low-Stress Move

We do that by offering a customized suite of moving service. Need help packing? We can offer as much as you need. Are you all packed up but need help getting your stuff in place once you get to your new home? We’re happy to do that, too. Need safe and secure temporary storage? We have you covered.

Our moving crew is highly trained, fully background-checked and ready to courteously and efficiently handle all your moving needs. Our team of local movers stands ready to quickly and completely address any concerns or questions you may have. Do your Chicago move the right way. Contact us by submitting our free moving estimate form today.

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New City Moving is known as one of the highest rated Chicago movers and a reputable out-of-state moving company. We offer a full service moving solution for local, long distance & office moves.