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While Hyde Park is a great place to live, the process of moving there can be tricky. From packing to loading the truck to unloading the last box, it could be tiring to accomplish without a few extra pairs of hands. That’s where New City Moving comes into the picture.

We eliminate the risk of damaging valuables and injuring yourself with a heavy box or piece of furniture by getting our team involved. When it comes to a residential or office relocation to the Hyde Park neighborhood, our short- and long-distance moving company has you covered.

Moving Services We Offer

When finding a trustworthy mover, there are a few factors that you may consider. From the first phone call, you’ll be connected with a moving coordinator who will serve as a guide throughout the process of the relocation. Let us know which services you’ll be needing, and we’ll strategize a plan that fits any budget.

  • Local moving services: Though not every transition requires a huge strategy, we treat even the short distance ones with professionalism and care.
  • Long-distance moving services: If some extra time and moving help is needed for a state-wide relocation, all of our services are still available.
  • Office moving: Whether you’re starting from scratch, or expanding or moving an existing business, our team expertly breaks down and rebuilds the office space wherever you need it. Don’t worry about broken equipment as we know exactly what to do.
  • Loading and unloading services: Though it may seem like a full day’s work just to load boxes onto the truck, our professional movers do it with ease. Upon arrival at the destination, we’ll also unload items to exact specifications.
  • Moving protection: Many people often wish they had more insurance on their belongings when they realize some possessions arrived broken. Choose from one of our protection plans, in addition to the free basic coverage included in your estimate.
  • Packing services: We understand the stress of planning a move. Take a break and opt for full or partial professional packing so that you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by boxes, tape or bubble wrap.
  • Storage services: Transitioning from one home or office to another takes time and preparation. If you’re not sure of the new layout or need more space, try our storage units.

What to Expect from Our Full-Service Local Moving Company

Hyde Park is a Chicago neighborhood engulfed in history. Home to many Nobel Prize winners and former President Barack Obama, Hyde Park’s cultural contributions may be due to the iconic landmarks of science, education and architecture. These include the University of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, the DuSable Museum, Fountain of Time and the Hyde Park Art Center. These attractions pinpoint the charm and sophisticated beauty of the neighborhood. With Hyde Park movers, you’ll be much closer to enjoying what the community has in store.

Whether you need a crew to help pack belongings, a few extra hands to unload the truck at the new destination or anything in between, count on New City Moving. Our services can be customized to your budget and needs. Our staff is thoroughly trained to handle all aspects of the transition process and will make sure your relocation plan is exactly as requested, without any hidden hassles. Ready to start a plan of action for your move? Contact us to get a free quote.

New City Moving is known as one of the highest rated Chicago movers. We offer a full service moving solution for local, long distance & office moves.