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Whether you’ve always dreamed of moving to Central Chicago, you’re excited to be leaving the area, or you’re just looking for a new adventure and place to be, the first thing you have to plan is your move. Getting all your stuff together and packing for your big day is critical to successfully getting to your new location, and it can all feel like a huge hassle when you are planning things out. But not so when you choose New City Moving for packing and moving services in the Central Chicago area.

Let New City Moving Be Your Packing, Moving and Storage Company

At New City Moving Company, you can put it all in our hands to get your move underway. We are the highest rated full-service movers who can help you manage the packing and unpacking and can even help you store any extra things you may have safely. Plus, if all you need is a reliable moving service to get your things from Point A to Point B effectively, we’re experts in that as well.

  • Local moving: Not all moves require a long, arduous drive, which is why we provide services for local moves, too. Enjoy the convenience of professional, nearby assistance.
  • Long distance moving: Though we’re based in the Great Midwest, we can move people anywhere in the US. We plan all the details with you, so nothing gets left behind.
  • Office moving: In many ways, an office is like a home. We treat each piece of equipment and furniture with care to make sure you’re up and running in the new office as quickly as possible.
  • Loading and unloading: Save yourself a potential injury by letting our professional movers do the heavy lifting. You can even use your own truck if you prefer.
  • Moving protection: Don’t waste time and energy worrying that something may get broken during your move. Get our Repair Program or Full Replacement Insurance in addition to default coverage.
  • Packing: Packing an entire life into boxes is no easy task. Fortunately, we offer full or partial packing services, or just the supplies if you’d like to handle that part of the job.
  • Storage: Many people need more space while moving between locations. Our storage units are completely secure, air-conditioned, convenient and accessible to you at any time.

What Makes Us Your Best Choice for Moving?

Central Chicago refers to one of three primary district divisions of the city. It includes Lakeshore East, Millennium Park and Streeterville. Located south of the North Side, the district is an affluent and classy getaway known for its commercial offerings and luxurious feel. Head to a museum, jazz club or speakeasy to immerse yourself in a modern yet historic area of Chicago. New City Moving has spent years making sure you have the perfect local moving company to help you when it comes time to relocate. Our approach is customer-focused rather than just about getting your belongings to your new home as soon as possible, and this shows with our high satisfaction rating with Central Chicago residents.

You’ll enjoy fast, safe delivery, like the professional long-distance moving company we are, but you’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are ready to hear your concerns and answer questions you may have right away during the process of your move.

All of our staff have been background-checked and screened for your safety, and our motivated Central Chicago movers undergo rigorous training before we let them handle moving any possessions. Once you’ve used New City Moving company for moving help, you’ll know why we receive positive reviews from satisfied customers on a regular basis. To get started, just submit the free form provided for a home or business moving quote fast from our team!

About Central Chicago

Chicago is a thriving city boasting miles of scenic lakefront, iconic skyscrapers and rich cultural diversity. For these reasons and so many more, it’s no wonder it consistently ranks high as one of the top large U.S. cities.

The population is nearly three million in the city itself. However, Chicagoland encompasses 14 counties spanning three states — Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin — and has a population of more than 10 million people.

Settled by non-natives in the early 1800s, Chicago was small until workers were needed for infrastructure development. Such invaluable structures included the Michigan Canal and the Chicago Railway, which would make the city a transportation hub and generate unprecedented population growth. Then, in 1871, a devastating fire raged through the city and caused such destruction that it became the most famous fire in American history.

From the ashes, Chicago was quickly rebuilt, and several talented architects contributed to the iconic buildings we can still see today. Throughout the 1900s, the city played host to world fairs, expositions and industrial booms, making it an envy of the time. It drew shoppers to the Loop, travelers to O’Hare International Airport and professionals to the John Hancock building, Sears Tower and beyond.

Nowadays, scores of sightseers come to visit the bustling metropolis for the museums, remarkable architecture, music venues, sporting events and the annual Chicagofest. Residents and visitors from around the world also get to enjoy the delectable delights of the Chicago food scene. It’s well-known as the birthplace of the deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dog and the Chicago Italian beef sandwich.

Plus, the diversity of the population makes the destination a dream for food enthusiasts (foodies) from all over. Next time you’re in town, be sure to sample the unique eateries and exotic street foods to get a real taste of life in the Windy City.

Click here for more information about this great city or to learn more about its proposed expansion with the Central Area Plan.

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