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If you’re planning a move to Arlington Heights, the most populated incorporated village in the United States, New City Moving will gladly be the one that helps you with the endeavor.

We’ve helped all sorts of people with moving throughout Chicagoland and beyond since 2009. We utilize comprehensive customer service and resources to ensure your experience is positive and stress-free as it should be.

We’re an Unmatched Arlington Heights Moving Company

Our HQ is just over 30 minutes away from Arlington Heights, which gives us the advantage of proximity. We aim to deliver moves that are quick and efficient, and we’ll venture where we’re needed to give customers the satisfaction that other companies have struggled to provide in the past.

We were tired of watching people go through moves plagued by carelessness, overcharges and tardiness. Our founder knew that a change needed to be introduced at a systemic level, which led to our company being founded on the bedrock of top-tier employees.

For that reason, you won’t find more qualified movers throughout all of Chicago, which is saying a lot for a metro area of nearly 10 million people. We require that our movers have at least three years of experience. There will always be a foreman with every account to lead the process, too, and they will have no less than five years of experience.

We’ve implemented a rigorous training program, used by only two other moving companies in the state, to teach employees safety and efficiency techniques. On top of it all, they will come equipped with a positive and helpful attitude.

We complement our movers’ efforts with attentive customer service representatives. A move coordinator is assigned to your account — this is the person who will help to lay out a course of action and be your single point of contact throughout the moving process. We offer estimates for our work, and we’ll do all we can to abide by that figure.

How Will Move-In Day Go?

Our goal is to keep everything simple for you, so you can focus on what matters. Once we set up a date for your official move, we’ll send a team to your location to help you with packing up your possessions and loading them into our trucks, which will be cleaned and inspected prior to your move.

Keeping your furniture safe will be a top priority, so we will blanket-wrap all of it and strategically place it in our truck to avoid damage. Once everything is secured, it will be off to your new home from there! We’re familiar with the best routes to take throughout the Chicago area, so you can trust our drivers to get to the drop-off point promptly and safely. If you need to stop at other places prior to the final destination, just ask, and we’ll accommodate the journey as necessary.

When we arrive, we’ll help you unload and unpack. If you need more space, we offer storage options, too.

Trust New City Moving as Your Arlington Heights Moving Company

Our approach leaves a big impression on our customers, as we hold nearly perfect ratings on YelpGoogle, and other online review sources. It’s for that reason that more than half our business (56 percent) comes from returning customers.

Complete our online form today to receive your free estimate. We also invite you to call our offices or live chat with us online.