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Escape Artistry – The Railcar in Chicago, IL

Escape artistry is a fun and exciting way to challenge yourself or your family and friends. The art and practice have been around for decades, featuring thrilling and often baffling puzzles that require participants to come up with creative solutions to escape. Recently, an up-and-coming live escape game based out of Chicago, IL, The Railcar, has been utilizing the art of escape artistry and combining it with the one-of-a-kind Windy City culture to create a unique and interactive experience for players from all over the world. Information can be found here.

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Located in the city’s heart just blocks from the Magnificent Mile, The Railcar is Chicago’s premier live escape game. Players are given a unique chance to be transported to the 1920s, the days of the notorious gangsters and G-Men. With an unforgettable setting based on the wild days of Al Capone and his crew, The Railcar is a fully immersive and entertaining escape game that promises excitement and challenge. Teams of 2-6 people are stashed into a vintage railcar with only an hour to find the clues and solve the puzzles to earn their freedom and uncover the secrets of The Railcar. The puzzles scour the train car with ever-changing mysteries, intriguing movable objects and clues, and hidden compartments that need to be unlocked to solve the puzzle. With a smartly designed experience and top-notch elements, participants not only have the chance to challenge their problem-solving abilities but also explore a past era of a notorious city. See here for information about Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago, IL.