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How to Make Moving Back Home a Breeze

For millennials across the country, often moving to a big city like Chicago can be a bit harder than expected. After all, with the job market still in recovery mode, there are plenty of twenty-year olds who are moving back home either after college or after a stint away from home to save money and focus on their next steps.

The economy that millennials’ parents experienced, where it was common to stay at the same company for three decades where they worked their way up the ladder, is not really plausible anymore. Indeed, many job hirers look for young professionals who have had experience at a number of different jobs over those who have been working at the same place for the past ten years.  Below, we lay out some of the things to know about deciding to move back home and how to do with the least amount of stress.

Moving Back Home in 3 Easy Steps

1. How to Know When It’s Time To Move Back

Look, we get it; deciding to move back home for a period of time can feel like a failure or disappointment to many young professionals in their twenties and even their thirties. But believe us when we say those who move back home are far from anomalies as plenty have moved to or away from Chicago to try and make it as a musician or professional to have things just not fully work out. And it can be hard to admit defeat, but if you find yourself taking out loans that feel sketchy or find yourself struggling month after month to make rent, then a talk with your folks might be on the horizon.

However, moving home isn’t just a matter of loading up the minivan and heading back. There are many factors to consider, such as your lease and whether you should put your items in self-storage or hire a professional Chicago moving company to help expedite the process. That’s why this next step is perhaps the most important.

2. Plan for Your Move

Since many of those who move back home are struggling just to balance the responsibilities of work and their personal lives, putting considered thought and strategy into the move home can seem like less important than settling up with your landlord. However, from changing your address to finding a moving company, setting a date, and purchasing packing supplies, moving back home can start to seem like more work than it is worth.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a potential move, you may want to talk with with your parents about hiring a professional moving coordinator, of which New City Moving has several of the best who will walk you through each step of the move to make it as easy as possible.

3. Establish and Stick to a Budget

Finally, once you’ve settled upon moving, take a deep review of your finances to calculate your budget for the move. If you’ve already selected a professional moving company with which you will be working with, you can talk with them to figure out how to best handle the move while staying within your budget.

After all, it’s not uncommon to take on some debt when living away from home, so take that into account when calculating just how much money you have to pay for your moving costs. From there, start figuring out areas in which you can make cuts, like having friends help you pack and reusing old boxes and materials. This might not be where you saw yourself when graduating high school or college, but moving back home is often just what some people need to figure out what they truly want from life and apply themselves accordingly.

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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