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How To Give Your Landlord Notice When You Move Out

It’s an exciting time when you’re getting ready to move on from roommates, buying your first home, or simply upgrading apartments. Regardless, it’s always important to leave a good impression as you go.

Delivering a move out notice to your landlord is a professional courtesy and a means to clearly communicate your intentions. Parting with your landlord on good terms can ensure an excellent renting history and maintain a professional acquaintanceship you can utilize in future renting applications as a reference.

With an easy-to-use template and a breakdown of what is required, this handy how-to will help you get started on the unfamiliar path of how to let a landlord know you are moving.

What Is a Move Out Notice?

Also referred to as a notice to vacate, a move out notice is a written letter to your landlord or property manager. It formally states when you plan to vacate the property and officially terminate the lease. While specifics vary from state to state, a landlord has the legal right to be given proper notice before a tenant vacates the rental property.

You can choose to forego the letter, but you may encounter legal and financial ramifications without proper communication between you and your landlord. Providing a notice is not only the proper course of action, but it may also be outlined in your lease — making it a legal obligation.

When to Write a Letter to a Landlord About Moving Out

The extent of time required to notify the landlord of leaving will depend on the type of lease, with longer lease terms requiring more notice. This gives the landlord adequate time to list the property for rent, wrap up any lease terms, and to start showing the property to prospective renters.

If your lease is a month-by-month setup, it is best to deliver the notice at least, if not more than, 30 days prior to the date of the lease termination. For yearly leases, the agreement is to reside until the defined lease end date.

If you do not wish to renew the lease at the end of that term, you have the right to move. Submit the notice at least 30 to 60 days prior to the date of the lease termination, with some states requiring more than 30 days of notice. Be sure to check your local laws and, most importantly, the details of your lease agreement for a provided timeframe.

How to Write a Notice to a Landlord

Giving a landlord proper move out notice is not as daunting as it may seem. Below is a sample template to streamline the process. The letter needs to minimally include this important information:

  • The date at the top
  • The landlord or property manager’s name
  • The full property’s address — including the unit number or letter
  • A clear statement declaring you wish to end the lease
  • A desired move out date and, if possible, a timeframe
  • An expectation that the security deposit be returned to you in full
  • A forwarding address for the security deposit and any delivered mail
  • Lastly, your signature and the signatures of any other residents who are on the lease
Here is an example of how this looks:(Today’s date)August 1st, 2021

(Your name and address)

Jane Doe

1234 Lincoln St. Unit 3

Chicago, IL 60007

Greetings (Landlord, property manager or name of property management company)

I’m writing this letter to provide you with notice that I will be vacating my residence at (property address) on (move out date). In accordance with my lease agreement, I am sending you notice within (30 days, 60 days, etc.).

Please forward the refundable security deposit to this mailing address:

(Your name and new address)

All utilities will be (shut off or transferred to property manager’s name) before the end date. Please contact me at (cell number) to arrange a time for the move-out inspection and to turn in the keys.

Thank you,

(Your printed name, signature and date)

Where to Deliver the Notice

Finally, what should you do with the letter once you have it written? Delivering it by hand is best, but you can mail or turn it in where you deposit the rent checks.

Ready to Get Your Move On?

If you’re already drafting the letter and ready for what’s next, contact New City Moving for help with your upcoming relocation. Whether the move is within Chicagoland or you’re heading out of state, our moving pros are here to see that your valued possessions safely arrive to their destination.

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