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When you and your family see all that needs to be moved from your Lincolnshire home, you’ll realize just how valuable a good set of movers can be! Here at New City Moving, we have the highest-rated, full-service local moving company in our area. We are large enough to move multiple families at once, with 70 trucks and 200 employees, so you can rely on us to be available for the many aspects of your move.

Your Source for Moving Help

Our moving capabilities cover all the bases when it comes to relocating your residence or business. From your initial phone call, the moving coordinator will work with you to make sure you have peace of mind throughout the whole process.

  • Local Moving Services: Whether you are moving just down the block or clear across town, we can help you by packing, moving, and unpacking your belongings and making sure they stay safe along the way.
  • Storage: Many people need some time between homes, or won’t be able to unpack immediately upon moving. If this is the case for you, let us pack your belongings carefully into crates where they will stay safe, and we’ll unpack them when you arrive.
  • Packing: Great packing is an art, especially when it comes to using space well and protecting delicate furniture or boxes. We have years of experience making sure that your packing and unpacking process goes smoothly.
  • Long-Distance Moving: Leaving the Lincolnshire area? Our long-distance moving company has the staff to help with long-distance moves while still providing the excellent standard of service that has made New City Moving well-known here in town. Just get in touch to talk to us about the particulars and your projected schedule.
  • Office moving: Take care of your business by hiring a professional company to transport all of the monitors, technology and office furniture to your new space.
  • Loading and unloading: Avoid injury or dropped boxes by letting our movers take care of the heavy lifting. We’ll load and unload once we arrive at the destination, too.
  • Moving protection: Choose from default coverage that’s included in your estimate, our popular Repair Program or the Full Replacement Insurance options.

Why Hire Movers?

Lincolnshire, located in northern Chicago, is a village that boasts lovely parks, fine dining options and other amenities that make it a great place to live and visit. Whether you’re moving to or from Lincolnshire, our professional movers can help answer any questions that may arise.

Movers take the stress and hassle out of the moving process, and when you are moving, you definitely want less stress in your life! We know how to protect items even better than many people know their own belongings, but having us handle the major heavy lifting gives you the time to focus on anything unique to your family’s belongings. Our trained professionals also save you time, since we know how to be efficient and quick while maintaining a standard of safety and skill.

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