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Are you looking to move in or around the Elmhurst area? Are you not looking forward to doing all the heavy lifting and maneuvering yourself? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire movers with a skilled, experienced moving crew to help ease the process? Now you can, with professional moving services from New City Moving located right in Elmhurst, Illinois!

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

New City Moving is a professional and locally owned moving company that services areas all around Chicago. Fully licensed and insured, we go through an extensive program to ensure our movers are reliable, trusted and knowledgeable about the moving procedures. We also require background checks for our movers, ensuring you receive a team who is focused and prepared to serve you.

Our team numbers at over 200 professionals. With more than 70 trucks under our operation, you’ll be able to see how dedicated New City Moving is to keeping your transition from one household or office to the next as seamless as possible.

How We Help the Elmhurst Area

Our most requested service is for moving. But we’re not strictly limited to house and apartment moving — we also provide professional movers to transport your business, as well as large antiques or collections. Whether you’re moving locally or elsewhere in the state, you’re supported with our moving company in Elmhurst, IL. We’ll also offer our moving protection insurance to keep you covered, whether you’ve had faulty moving experiences before or you simply want to be extra careful in the transferring of your valuable items.

If the act of moving isn’t your worry, New City Moving will still help you in the packing and unloading stages. There are three options to choose from as far as our involvement with the packing process: full-service, partial or self-packing. If you choose to self-pack, we’ll make sure to supply you with bubble wrap and tape, while also protecting your items with blankets during travel.

New City Moving also offers storage services. You can easily make your move a multi-day project and store your excess items in a secure and monitored unit. In addition, if you’re relocating your office or business, you will love the ease of our document storage. Your entire organization will be taken care of by our professionals, ensuring that by the time you get settled into your new place, all of your files and important information will be ready to use.

Why We’re #1 in Chicago

Both Yelp and Angie’s List agree: our customers think highly of us and share the appreciation we have of them! Over 600 reviews on Yelp discuss our smooth moving process and the comfort and trust customers had in our professional movers. Multiple reviewers have even commented on coming in under budget by the end of the move — proof that our movers are efficient and professional. Because of you, we are the highest rated moving company in Chicago.

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Check out our online form or call us today to receive your free moving estimate. Whether you need a full moving package or just need help unloading the haul, New City Moving is here for you.

New City Moving is known as one of the highest rated Chicago movers. We offer full-service moving services for local, long distance & office moves.