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The Ultimate Guide On How Much To Tip Movers in Chicago

Considering the massive number of decisions one is forced to make over the course of moving from one Chicago home or apartment to another–from choosing the best Chicago professional movers for you to moving some items into storage to managing kids, pets, and senior citizens, there’s quite a lot to take into account–tipping your low cost movers Chicago is usually the last thing on our customers’ minds.

Many times we see it suddenly dawn on a customer’s eyes that our crew has been putting in that extra effort that may warrant a tip as they start doing some fast brain math to calculate a fair tip as an acknowledgment of a job done especially well. Some aren’t sure whether tipping is common when using professional movers, but as it’s part of the service industry, that usually means that tipping is at least accepted.

Of course, there is much more to take into mind when deciding whether and how much to tip movers in Chicago.

So, How Much Does One Tip Movers in Chicago?

Establishing the Criteria

While professional movers are considered part of the service industry, it’s in no way guaranteed that they will be given a tip as they are compensated for their labor appropriately. But, just like you would tip your hairdresser or a delivery person for a job well done, so it makes sense to give the movers and packers of Chicago a token of your sincere appreciation.

But how do you determine if a crew of professional movers deserves a tip? Well, there are no set rules of course, but perhaps think about what you appreciated that they did, such as arriving on time and finishing punctually, staying a bit late at no surcharge to let you grab that one thing you forgot, or just doing their job exceptionally well.

Of course, everyone has a different idea of what going above and beyond truly means, so unless you’re seeing blatant disrespect or dereliction of duty, making even a slight demonstration of your appreciation can go a long way.

Determining the Amount

So, how much to tip a professional mover? Ultimately, it’s truly up to you, but try to give each team member the same amount unless an exception is necessary. $5, $10, $20, or $2, no matter the amount taking the time to tip top Chicago professional movers who are providing a truly quality service is taken as a sign of respect and massively appreciated by our staff and other professionals.

As much as we wish there was a magic number like 15% or 20%, moving costs can vary depending on which moving service you go with and most employees understand if you can’t give them quite the size tip you might think they deserve. Generally speaking, $5-$10/mover/hour is considered a nice tip. You can also hand this cash tip to the crew leader and request they distribute it amongst the team. There are other ways to show your appreciation as well!

The Thought Does Count

As you might have noticed, moving whole apartment and homes in a single haul isn’t exactly light work. And depending on the weather and when you start the actual move, the crew you’ve hired could be in for a light day.

And while it is our responsibility to make sure our movers know how to stay hydrated, healthy, and harm-free, one way to show your respect and appreciation for the hard work being done on your behalf is to provide snacks and bottles of water. Another one that is quite popular amongst many movers is to pay for their lunch in lieu of a tip. Believe us, we eat our fair share of pizza so sometimes we like to pick something different.

No matter what, whether it’s a tip, lunch, or just some kindness and extra attention, you just may find by going the extra step to create ideal conditions for your movers might result in them doing an even better job than they usually do.

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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