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How To Tip Movers

It’s a question we get all the time, no matter the size of the job: Should I tip my movers? As a customer service based industry, we understand the importance of leaving a great impression on our valued clients. Over the years, we’ve found a lot of folks feel the same way towards their crews and want to express their gratitude in the form of a little extra cash. But what is the standard practice for tipping your movers? Is gratuity included? Is it ok to add tips to a credit card payment? What is considered a good tip, anyway? To ease your tensions and a potentially awkward situation, we’ve created some helpful guidelines on how to tip your crew. This way, customers can contribute to the overall feeling of goodwill that comes from a job well done!

Who Do I Tip and When?
Just like paying your final bill, you may tip upon completion of your move. Your foreman (or crew leader) will do a final walkthrough to make sure everything is satisfactory. Most people find this to be an optimal time to present the foreman with a tip as token of their appreciation. From there, the foreman will take care of splitting the tip among the crew so you won’t have to worry about it.

How Much Should I Tip?
The industry standard for a job considered well done is $5 to $10 per crew member, per hour. With that said, this is a decision we leave entirely up to you. We value our employees and they are well-compensated for the time and the energy they put into moving you. Never feel obligated to tip. Only tip what you deem to be fair, we work for you, not for tips, so don’t feel pressured to tip more than what makes you comfortable. If anything, this is a great way to show your crew that they did an amazing job so whatever you deem appropriate will be greatly appreciated and a pleasant surprise!

How Do I Tip?
This is the easy part. When it comes to tipping, cold, hard cash is always preferred. It’s quick and will ensure the crew members can take home their tips without having to wait for a payout on their next check. If you find yourself in a pinch and decide to add a tip to your credit card payment, please inform your foreman before he runs your card through our credit card system. Again, the convenience of offering a cash tip goes a long way to adding a personal touch to your thanks.

At New City Moving, we want your move to be as smooth as possible. Should you choose to do so, tipping should be stress free, and is always considered a kind and wonderful gesture. Equally so, we love to hear feedback regarding positive experiences customers have with our crews. At the end of a job, nobody working for us will be on edge waiting to see what, if anything, will be offered in the form of gratuity. However, a tip can make your mover’s day a little more special, just like we try to make yours for choosing our company!

Thank you for choosing New City Moving and we look forward to moving you soon!

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Page Updated on November 16, 2018

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