Intra Building Moves

In-House Movers Chicago

Making a move within your existing apartment building or office space? New City Moving can lend you a hand with our In-House or Intra-Building moving services. Our team of experienced movers will make your move quick and easy! Our movers can also help with creating extra space, rearranging rooms, or clearing multiple spaces for an upcoming event.

In-Home, Intra-Building, Intra-Office Services

  • Whether you are moving down the hall to a new apartment or taking it to the top with a brand new office space, New City Moving will make the move with ease.
  • Save yourself the back pain and leave the heavy lifting to us. Armoires and heavy safes are no match for our movers!
  • We can help get your home ready for a future sale. Buyers will not be able to say no once your home once it hits the market.
  • Remodeling? New City Moving can help you make use of other available space while the work gets done.
  • On a budget? Save money on the remodel and rearrange instead. Our expert eyes can transform your old space into something brand new.
  • Do not let limited space deter you from throwing the social event of the season. Our movers can help transform your home into a hot spot for your next group gathering.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let our team help place priceless works of art and reposition delicate antiques in a fanciful way.

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Best service from the time you book through the time you move. Your moving crew has quality on their mind and understands first-rate service. You've built an amazing company that understands the definition of service and execution.

Jennifer Carrington