Moving Protection

We take great pride in having a percentage of damage that is MUCH smaller than other movers in Illinois; however we know sometimes accidents do happen. For that reason we offer three different options for protection of your household goods.

After you select New City Moving as your mover, we will send you out an e-signature to reserve your move. At this time, you will be asked to select one of the three options below.

Three Options for Coverage

#1 Default Coverage (Already included in your estimate)

Without purchasing additional coverage, any items lost or damaged during the move will be compensated for at $0.30 per pound per article. For example, if an item weighing 20lbs were lost or damaged, New City would be liable to the customer for a $6.00 total.
(20lbs x .30 cents – $6.00)

#2 Repair Program (Our most popular coverage option)

With this coverage any loss or damage during the move will either be repaired or a cash settlement based on the depreciated value of the item will be provided to the customer. When selecting this coverage, you must select the value for your entire shipment, not individual items.

#3 Full Replacement Insurance (Provided by a third party company)

This option is a great choice for moves that contain high valued goods or very complex moves. For full replacement insurance please visit online at or call 888-893-8835.

Insurance provided by:

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